According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of mixology is:

‘The skill of mixing various drinks and ingredients to create cocktails…Mixologists learn how to pair flavors, combine ingredients, and create drinks with precision, consistency, and attention to detail.

EpicSolve creates the perfect “cocktail” by blending established processes and years of government contracting experience with advanced technology/research and development (tech R&D) management services.

EpicSolve’s Innovation Mixology enables tech startups to advance science and engineering innovation through product realization and implementation.

Innovation Mixology Services:

  • Providing technology/R&D capture, definition, mapping, and marketing
  • Connecting tech start ups with government opportunities
  • Structuring tech start up business processes
  • Coaching entrepreneurs in business methods, management, operations, and contracting

Innovation Mixology Process

  • Capture/Define:
    • Concept/technology, potential applications, business goals
  • Develop:
    • Strategy
    • Roadmap
  • Identify:
    • Funding opportunities
    • Resources
  • Implement:
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Proposal Processes
  • Support:
    • Post-award tasking
    • Contract management


Funding Opportunities

  • RFI/Sources Sought/Market Survey
  • Agency Innovation/Tech Funds
  • OTAs
  • Grants
  • BAAs
  • R&D funds through existing vehicles
  • Challenge/competition funding